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Now you can schedule all of your charter flights, including crews passengers and charter legs via the Internet. Best of all, you can have selected charter legs automatically posted to CharterX� in order to market and leverage aircraft availability.

  CharterX Integrated

- Enter schedules once and have it Automatically sync between Schedule Pointe and CharterX.
- Automatically market empty and transient charter legs.

  Wireless Access
  - Access Schedule Pointe's system via most wireless devices.
  - Users have the ability to create their own custom views of the schedule.
- Display weekly and monthly schedules for a particular aircraft or pilot.
- Display daily views for the entire schedule, aircraft only or pilot only schedule.
  - Event / Class Scheduling.
- Maintenance Scheduling.
- Recurring schedules.
- Schedule staff meetings.
- Standby scheduling.
  Email Enabled
  - If an aircraft goes down for maintenance everybody affected will be notified via email and automatically placed on a standby list.
- Pilots are notified via email when a schedule is created or changed.
- Customers are notified via email when a standby reservation opens up.
- Customers are notified via email when a reservation changes.
- Send email notifications to your clients / pilots.
  Pilot Validations
  - Control over which aircraft pilots can fly based on checkouts.
- Medical Certificates
- Bi-Annual
- Insurance
- Create your own custom validations
  Aircraft Validations
  - 50 / 100 Hour Inspections
- Annual
- Pitot Static
- Transponder
  - Download all schedules into Microsoft Excel.
  - Built in logbook so your pilots can log their flight time.
  - Complete control over the displayed schedules start and end times.
  Aircraft Squawks
  - Allow system users to record aircraft squawks.
- Optionally allow users to record aircraft squawks.
- Give permission for maintenance users to update and close out aircraft squawks.
  Kiosk Support
  Operators can make use of the systems kiosk support through terminals setup inside the facility. These systems logged in as a kiosk user provide fast access to all of Schedule Pointe's features. This functionality greatly reduces congestion at any one terminal.
  The following security levels are supported:
- System Users
- Front Desk Users
- Instructors
- Pilots
- Kiosk User
- Maintenance User