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From Medical Practices, Health Clubs, CPA Firms, Salons and more, let us show you how you can take advantage of all the benefits online scheduling has to offer.

  Wireless Access
  - Access Schedule Pointe's system via most wireless devices.
  Complete Schedule Control
  - Create your own schedule types (Personal Training, Massage, etc.) with your own - color scheme.
- Set limits on how far in advance users can schedule.
- Specify cancellation minimums.
- Specify how users can schedule (even hours only, duration limits, etc.).
- Prevent specific users from scheduling.
- Much More...
  Customer Accounting
  - Create sales receipts / invoices.
- Automatically deduct invoiced amounts from customer accounts.
- Debit and credit customer accounts.
- Customers can view account history online.
  - Users have the ability to create their own custom views of the schedule.
- Display weekly and monthly schedules for a particular resource or instructor.
- Display daily views for the entire schedule, resource only or instructor only schedule.
  - Appointment Scheduling
- Event / Class Scheduling.
- Maintenance Scheduling.
- Recurring schedules.
- Schedule staff meetings.
- Standby scheduling.
  Email Enabled
  - Instructors are notified via email when a customer schedules and or cancels a scheduled block of time.
- Customers are notified via email when a standby reservation opens up.
- Customers are notified via email when a reservation changes.
- Send email notifications to your clients / instructors.
  - Revenue Reports
- Cancellation Reports
- Summarized and detail reports for each customer.
- Usage Reports
  - Download all schedules into Microsoft Excel.
  - Complete control over the displayed schedules start and end times.
- Option to mask users names on the schedule.
  Kiosk Support
  Companies can make use of the systems kiosk support through terminals setup inside the facility. These systems logged in as a kiosk user provide fast access to all of Schedule Pointe's features. This functionality greatly reduces congestion at any one terminal.
  The following security levels are supported:
- System Users
- Front Desk Users
- Instructors
- Customers
- Kiosk User
- Maintenance User